Getting Started with Translate Channels

  1. Installation

To install the app to your team's Slack workspace, follow the direct installation link here. Clicking on the "Allow" button will install the app and take you to the app home page.

This also approves the app to translate messages for the user who installed it. Other users will have to approve the app to translate their messages as well (see step #4).

  1. Sign up

To activate the app and begin getting translations, you'll need to sign up for a subscription based on your team size. Translate Channels has four plan sizes and offers a one week free trial to get you started.

Simply click the plan that fits your team and fill out the Stripe form with your payment information. Submitting the form will return you to the Translate Channels app in Slack.

  1. Configure translations

Once you have a subscription, you're ready to set up your channel settings. Under "Channel Translation Settings", click the "Add Setting" button. You'll see a menu that looks something like this:

In the top input, you can select a channel (or leave blank to apply settings to your entire workspace). Then, you can add your target languages in the bottom input by selecting them from the dropdown.

Keep in mind that you need to select each language that you want your message to appear in (including the language you write in).

  1. Authorize users

At this point, translations will work for all authorized users on the configured channels.

To authorize users other than yourself, each user will need to visit the app home (in the left sidebar of Slack) and click on the "Authorize App" button at the top of the homepage.

  1. Get assistance

There are two ways to view FAQs from within Slack:

  1. Message the app from the "Messages" tab above the homepage

  2. Use the slash command "/nt help"

Both of these methods will result in this FAQ message being sent to you in the app messages tab. If you need additional help, please contact the Translate Channels team at